Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Virt-install F9 DomU at Xen 3.2.1 F8 Dom0 (64-bit)

Install may be performed either by virt-install or by virt-manager.
View [1] for details. However, after F9 DomU run other DomUs may be managed
only from command line by "xm". Virt-manager cannot connect to daemon
xend until next Dom0 reboot. Running F8, CentOS 5.1, SNV90 DomUs doesn't
affect virt-manager functionality. I also have to notice that F9 DomU
may be managed only by "xm" from command line. Been started and shutdown
once via virt-manager it makes virt-manager unable to reconnect to xend.
To start already created F9 DomU:-
# xm start f9pvm
and from another terminal session
connect to F9 DomU:-
# vncviewer localhost:0

1.Fedora 8 (64-bit) as a flexible target for Xen 3.2.1 Dom0 install