Thursday, May 31, 2007

Install Compiz 0.5.0 on Solaris Express (snv build 62)

Just share an experience. Attempting to reproduce:-
“Compiz on Solaris x86 - Eye Candy for Solaris’s Desktop” ([1])
First off you *need* an Nvidia 3D accelerated card, either a GeForce or Quadro.
If you do not have an Nvidia display card you are out of luck
Secondly you need at least Solaris Express Build 60. It should also work on
61 and 62. ([1])

Have SXCE build 62 (64 bit)up and running

Thirdly you must be using JDS. This Compiz build has only been tested with JDS.([1])

Yes, using JDS

Grab the latest Nvidia Solaris Driver and install it from here: ([1])

Download Driver for Solaris x64/x86
Latest Version: 1.0-9755
# sh
# reboot -- -r
Was unable to find either /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA/xorg.conf.nvidia
Ran nvidia-xconfig to configure the X server: nvidia-xconfig found nothing
and ended up with message: Segmentation fault. Core dumped.
However xorg.conf got created and looked not bad.
After relogin desktop looked nice. Sharpness increased

Grab the Compiz + Xorg additional stuff package tarball from
Extract the tarball and cd into the compiz-pkgs directory.
Run the installer script as root user: ./install ([1])

Actually, running ./install as root from /tmp/compiz-pkgs folder
creates final version of /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

Logout and login again as the normal user. Nothing new happens.
Now add some basic Compiz configurations by executing: /usr/bin/add-compiz
Now start Compiz by executing the following in a terminal window: ([1])

$ gtk-window-decorator --replace & compiz --replace gconf &
Got message :- Failure to load slide freedesktop

Now you can make Compiz the default by adding the commands to the auto-start list:
Go to Gnome Menu -> Preferences -> Sessions
Click on “Startup Programs”
Click on “Add” and add the command: gtk-window-decorator --replace
Click on “Add” again and add the command: compiz --replace gconf

Done, expecting "compiz --replace gconf" to start with some problem
Looks like it is not an issue. Installed Compiz works fine exactly as
described in [2].

Once installed, logout and login in JDS/gnome and click on the “Run Compiz 3D deskop” icon ([1])

No new icon has been created.Actually, you don't need it at all
New Menu option showed up: Preferences->Compiz configuration

Instructions from [2]:-
Gnome Menu -> Preferences -> Compiz Settings Manager allows you to tweak the settings and enable/disable plugins. Keep in mind that the "Annotate" plugin can cause some heartburn.
Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Drag on Desktop rotates the Cube
Mouse wheel on Titlebar shades/unshades windows
Ctrl + Right Click zooms the display. Mouse wheel or Enter will un-zoom.
Alt + Mouse Wheel on a Window adjusts the Window Transparency
Jerking Mouse Pointer to Top Right desktop corner gets you the Expose effect
Ctrl + Alt + Up Arror also gets you the Expose effect
Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow gives a panoramic view of all the desktops
You can drag a Window from one cube surface to another
Every Gnome desktop has it's own independent cube
Shift + F9 toggles a Raindrop effect on the screen
Shift+F10 toggles slow motion