Monday, December 03, 2007

Install Oracle on Solaris 10 (08/07) HVM at SXDE 76 Dom0

Configure the vnc password and default nic for xend service.
Run "dladm show-link" to determine default nic for xend service.

# svccfg -s xvm/xend setprop config/vncpasswd = astring: \"secret\"
# svccfg -s xvm/xend setprop config/vnc-listen = astring: \"\"
# svccfg -s xvm/xend setprop config/default-nic="rtls0"
# svcadm refresh xvm/xend
# svcadm restart xvm/xend

Copy by "dd" ISO image of Solaris 10 (08/07) to /export/home/isos/solaris0807.iso
at SXDE 76 Dom0 and proceed with virt-install Solaris 10 HVM:-

Booting Solaris HVM the first time:-

Now we have to install two additional packages from S10 U4 DVD.
Perform at SXDE 76 Dom0 side:-

# lofiadm -a /export/home/isos/solaris0807.iso
# mount -o ro -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt
# share -F nfs /mnt

At Solaris 10 ( 08/07) HVM DomU:

# mount -F nfs <IP-ADDRESS Dom0>:/mnt /mnt
# pkgadd -d /mnt/Solaris_10/Product SUNWi1cs SUNWi15cs

Proceed with tuning Solaris 10 ( 08/07) HVM as advised in [1]
for Oracle install on Solaris 10 (32 bit).

1.Run OUI in advanced mode and select option "Install Software Only"

2.Run dbca and create a database

3.Run netca to create LISTENER and perform Local Network Names configuration

Perform Oracle Instance verification connecting from SXDE 76 Dom0 side:-