Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Install Solaris 08/07 HVM DomU at SNV 85 Dom0 on ASUS P5K Premium /WIFI

Build 85 is the first Nevada build with xen 3.1.2 bits implemented.
Several issues have been inspired due to this changes:-
1. Install SNV 85 DomU at Xen 3.2 Linux Dom0 (CentOS 5.1,Ubuntu 7.10)
crashes immediately due to broken by Xen 3.2 backward compatibility.
Just note, that SNV 84 (3.0.4) DomU works fine at Xen 3.2 Linux Dom0.
2. Solaris 08/07 HVM DomU at SNV 85 Dom0 installation requires
some workaround to succeed.
Posting bellow desrcribes installation procedure for Solaris 08/07 HVM
step by step.First run:-

svccfg -s xvm/xend setprop config/vncpasswd = astring: \"secret\"
svccfg -s xvm/xend setprop config/vnc-listen = astring: \"\"
svccfg -s xvm/xend setprop config/default-nic="rge0"
svcadm refresh xvm/xend
svcadm restart xvm/xend

Proceed with virt-install as usual:-

When guest OS reboots edit grub menu enabling "kmdb",otherwhise installation
will fail.

Make permanent changes to /boot/grub/menu.lst.
Replace line

kernel /boot/multiboot


kernel /boot/multiboot kernel/unix -k

Perform registration via ADSL internet connection, acting as DHCP bridge :-

Check for Internet working :-

Shutdown HVM DomU:-

Then shutdown domain:-

# xm shutdown Solaris0807