Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Establishing access to public devstack (stack) network from LAN

To access VMs running within  stack (devstack) AIO instance on Ubuntu 14.04 host from another boxes located on the same office LAN having address manage as follows :-

Run on Devstack Node
# Add route to LAN
$ sudo route add -net gw

Run on LAN box
# Add route to devstack public network  via HOST_IP
$ sudo route add -net gw

where HOST_IP of  Devstack Node running stack instance  is  Devstack's public  network. is  LAN address

If stack instance is running on KVM (Ubuntu 14.04) on Libvirt Subnet to access stack VMs running inside KVM (Ubuntu 14.04) from F21 box hosting KVM Hypervisor  run from within  KVM (Ubuntu 14.04)

# route add -net  gw 

where is KVM's IP on standard libvirt subnet , is subnet hosting machine running KVM Hypervisor

On machine,which is Fedora 21 box plus KVM/QEMU/LIBVIRT
run :-

# route add -net gw

where is devstack public subnet running on KVM (Ubuntu 14.04) hosting  stack (e.g. devstack) instance.