Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Install Oracle on OpenSolaris DomU at Linux Dom0 (64 bit)

This installation has been done to evaluate OUI (disk I/O) performance on OpenSolaris DomU
versus OUI performance on Linux (CentOS 4.5,5.0) HVM VMs on the same box.
Difference appears to be very noticeable.

Regarding VNC install on OpenSolaris DomU at Linux Dom0 view "Install VNC on Solaris DomU at CentOS 5 or Debian Etch Dom0 (64 bit) at Lxer.com ([2]).
Login as "oracle" to OpenSolaris DomU graphical console.

As root tune oracle's project , create required directories ,then "su - oracle" and create .bash_profile as advised in [1].
Start OUI in advanced mode with option "Install software only".

When done, run "dbca" and create database:-

Then run "netca" to create LISTENER and perform Net Service Name configuration:-

Next :-

[oracle@ServerSun511]$ vi /var/opt/oracle/oratab
To replace "N" by "Y" at the end unique entry line
[oracle@ServerSun511]$ emctl stop dbconsole
[oracle@ServerSun511]$ dbshut
[oracle@ServerSun511]$ lsnrctl stop
[oracle@ServerSun511]$ lsnrctl start
[oracle@ServerSun511]$ dbstart
[oracle@ServerSun511]$ isqlplusctl start
[oracle@ServerSun511]$ emctl start dbconsole

Verify connections to Oracle Instance on OpenSolarisDomU from Linux Dom0:-