Sunday, January 27, 2008

Install Solaris (SNV78) DomU at Ubuntu 7.10 Dom0 (x86_64)

Recent posting ([2]) by Jürgen Keil at OpenSolaris xen-discuss forum
briefly states, that mentioned install runs without problems if disk entry of installation profile is referencing ISO image of SNV75A DVD. However, install Xen from Internet Repositories on Ubuntu 7.10 (x86_64) appears to be not quite trivial and was described by Bob Mertz ih his blog ([3]).
Target of this posting is to give step by step instruction
for Xen 3.1 SNV78 DomU install at Ubuntu 7.10 Dom0 (x86_64)
utilizing "pygrub" as advised in OpenSolaris manual [1].
Actually , it brings all stuff together and makes procedure
reproducable for any person regardless of his IT experience.
I also have to mention , that both NICs assembled on ASUS P5K Premium/WIFI-AP
were detected by Ubuntu 7.10 without any problems.

Xen 3.1 has been installed from 6 CDs set Ubuntu Packages 7.10upd2.
Each one of CDs was added to system by command:-
# apt-cdrom add
Next step :-
# aptitude install linux-image-xen bridge-utils libxen3.1 \
python-xen-3.1 xen-docs-3.1 \
xen-hypervisor-3.1 xen-ioemu-3.1 \
xen-tools xen-utils-3.1
Tune /etc/xen/xend-conf.sxp file to assign xenbr0 to desired ethernet interface
and reboot into into xen-kernel.
Corresponding entry into /boot/grub/menu.lst would be created automatically.

Installation profile for SNV DomU [1] :-

name = 'Solaris78PVM'
memory = '1024'
disk = [ 'file:/usr/lib/xen-solaris/snv78.iso,6:cdrom,r', 'phy:/dev/sda6,0,w' ]
vif = [ '' ]
bootloader = '/use/bin/pygrub'
kernel = '/boot/platform/i86xpv/kernel/amd64/unix'
ramdisk = '/boot/amd64/x86.miniroot'
extra = '/platform/i86xpv/kernel/amd64/unix - nowin -B install_media=cdrom'

Now run:-
# xm create -c Solaris78PVM.install

Runtime profile for SNV DomU [1] :-

name = 'Solaris78PVM'
memory = '1024'
disk = [ 'phy:/dev/sda6,0,w' ]
vif = [ '' ]

Now run:-
# xm create -c Solaris78PVM.runtime