Friday, November 09, 2007

Install Oracle 11g on CentOS 5 DomU at CentOS 5 Dom0 (64 bit)

Posting bellow demonstrates how useful NFS shares may be at CentOS 5 Dom0
to manage DomUs driven by Xen 3.0.3 kernel coming along with original CentOS 5
distribution DVD. Oracle 11g installation has been selected just as an example.

CentOS 5 install has been performed with "Virtualization" (Xen 3.0.3)
ISO image of distribution DVD has been copied to hard drive and "loop"
mounted to /mnt/tmp directory exported as NFS share to perform
DomUs installs , extracting 6.2 GB of data from Dom0 NFS share to
DomU's LV storage due to intent to run Oracle 11g database on DomU.

# dd if=/dev/hde of=/etc/xen/disks/CentOS5.iso
# mkdir -p /mnt/tmp
# mount -o loop , ro /etc/xen/disks/CentOS5.iso /mnt/tmp

Line "/mnt/tmp" was added to file /etc/exports and "nfs" service restarted.
Then new physical volume was created for partition /dev/sdb10 (20 GB.)
Logical volumes group VolGroupPVM was assigned to this physical volume
and LV ImageData00 was created within VolGroupPVM of maximum available size utilizing LVM interface.

1.To install CentOS 5 DomU , at the command prompt ran: virt-install.
2.When asked to install a fully virtualized guest, answer: no.
3.Type RHEL5pvm for your virtual machine name.
4.Type 1000 for your RAM allocation.
5.Type /dev/VolGroupPVM/ImageData00 for disk (guest image).
6.Type yes to enable graphics support.
8.Type nfs:<IP address of Dom0>:/mnt/tmp for your install location.

PVM installation will run smoothly as usual CentOS 5 install.
I've selected to install everything except "Virtualization" and "Clusters"
to reduce trouble with RPM installs required by Oracle 11g.
The drawback of this approach is relatively large size of data extracted
to DomU's image storage (6.2 GB). However, in case of utilizing Dom0's
NFS share that wasn't an issue. Just 25 minutes for packages extracting phase.
PVM profile after install:-

Performed DomU tuning for Oracle 11g install as advised in [1] and started OUI from another NFS share at Dom0.

Restarted successfully built Oracle 11g databse:-

Then checked /dev/shm for Oracle's segments size and made several shapshots
of SGA and PGA charts (Automatic Memory Management)

Verified OS and CPU detection by Oracle 11g EM console:-