Friday, November 16, 2007

Install SXDE 76 DomU on ZFS file system at SXDE 76 Dom0 (x86/x64)

Originally SXDE 76 has been installed on second partition of first 160 GB SATA
drive. First partition of this drive was used by Windows. Attempt to create third partition of type "Solaris2" by Solaris "fdisk" appeared to be useless for creating
ZFS pool on x86 system. "format" kept showing two SATA drives ( 2x160 GB)
been installed on PC at the time of assembling
As was suggested by Mike Dotson in ZFS Discussion forum at
third partition created had type "Others OS" (size 20 GB).

ZFS pool has been created by command:-

# zpool create pool c1t0d0p3

Next :-

# zfs create -V 18G pool/snv76-disk

Keeping in mind 6612343 the fix for 6292092 and xvm dom0 not getting along

set softcall_delay=0x100000

line has been added to /etc/system.

Step above is important. Skipping it might cause unpredictable consequences
for SXDE 76 PVMs after reboot or shutdown
Then reboot box and run:-

# virt-install --name Snv76ZFS -–ram 1024 --nographics \
--file /dev/zvol/dsk/pool/snv76-disk \
--location /export/home/ISO/snv76x86.iso

Starting up DomU after it has been shutdown:-

Connecting to DomU after it has been rebooted:-

Cygwin/X remote Windows XP desktop has been used for Oracle installation on SXDE 76 DomU:-

Connections to Oracle instance running on Solaris 76 DomU from Solaris 76 Dom0:-