Sunday, May 29, 2016

Set up VM to connect Tripleo QuickStart Overcloud via Virt-manager GUI

Set up Gnome Desktop && VirtTools on Virtualization Server ( VIRTHOST ) and make remote connection to Virt-manager running on  VIRTHOST ( Then create VM via virt-manager as follows using standard CentOS 7.2 ISO image , I am aware of post Connecting another vm to your tripleo-quickstart deployment at and manage this way deliberately.  Just wondering is it possible to get results similar to obtained by LarsKS ( via in depth knowledge virsh CLI and Libvirt features)  with Virt-manager GUI  intuitively much more affordable. I realize that speed and flexibility of approach suggested bellow are losing the aforementioned  

Proceed with VM set up via Virt-manager remote GUI. Attaching "external" and
"overcloud" networks to VM and assign static IPs to eth0 and eth1 which belong
to corresponding networks.

[root@ServerCentOS72 ~]# virsh net-list
 Name                 State      Autostart     Persistent
 default              active     yes           yes
 external             active     yes           yes
 overcloud            active     yes           yes



   Looks good , start install


   Installation completed.  Following step verfication availabilty connect to
   overcloud on VIRTHOST. Check static IPs on Remote Console and connect
   to dashboard of Controller



   Now connect to VMs running in overcloud


Switching eth1 to DHCP mode on RemoteConsole (following post at

[root@ServerCentOS72 ~]# virsh dumpxml RemoteConsole | xmllint --xpath '//interface[source/@bridge="brovc"]' -
<interface type="network">
      <mac address="52:54:00:dd:c6:9d"/>
      <source network="overcloud" bridge="brovc"/>
      <target dev="vnet1"/>
      <model type="virtio"/>
      <alias name="net1"/>
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x04" function="0x0"/>

Creating port on ctlplane ( undercloud VM )

   On RemoteConsole switch eth1 to DHCP mode via NetworkManager GUI


   We are all set.  Connection to TripleO Quickstart overcloud environment
   from host which didn't initiate original deployment , i.e. didn't issue
   $ ssh-copy-id root@$VIRTHOST and is unable to issue without prompt
   $ ssh root@$VIRTHOST uname -a