Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Triple0 && Packstack as core deployment tools for RDO

Recently in RDO Blog Ivan Chavero stated [1] :-

"You know, I think that people think that Packstack is dead because it's not recommended for production use. Only if you really know what you're doing, you should use it in production, but it's not recommended. TripleO  is the recommended stuff for production, and Packstack is for doing the experiments, and proof-of-concept stuff."

However, I believe  that Triple0 ( former RDO Manager) will be taken over packstack in about couple of months. Summit in Austin seems to become 
a critical milestone to focus RDO Community on Triple0 deployments.

Minimal interesting HA (6 VMs ) configuration requires 8 Core CPU and 48 GB RAM.  CPU at least i7 5960, Board at least X99 to support 5960 and 48 GB DDR4 memory to test VMs configuration , which can serve as model
for bare metal deployment.